Patti Spaniak is a resourceful, experienced and effective leader, communicator, listener, organizer and solution-maker. Her diverse background in communications, marketing, business development and public relations spans more than two decades, with an impressive list of corporate and non-profit clients in addition to a variety of other commercial entities.

As evolving technologies have impacted the tools, processes and products of marketing and communications, as well as the traditional roles of those who represent the industry, they do not replace the true talent of cultivating and managing client relationships and navigating those clients through a successful communications, sales, and fulfillment process that makes their jobs easier, delivers an exceptional product, propels brand awareness and consistently attracts new and repeat business. Patti works with her clients to develop and implement a customized marketing strategy with integrated media that provides opportunities to diversify and discover additional revenue streams. She also brings unique enthusiasm and welcome humor that can further help embrace, engage and stand out in today's crowded marketplace.

Patti's trusted abilities and track record as a researcher and creative consultant provide a list of solid referrals that give testimony to her confidence, motivation, persuasion skills and thirst for challenge.

True strategic marketing, communications and ROI call for identifying real targets and landing the decision-makers. For planning and management of marketing and communications activities, including public relations, direct marketing, advertising campaigns, editorial opportunities and employee outreach, contact Patti Spaniak, whose efforts and outcomes consistently exceed all expectations.